Issues with both Mocha Pro 2022 Standalone + OFX plugin (both are updated to 9.0.1) on M1 Mac

Since upgrading to Mocha Pro 2022 from 2021, tracking speed has improved but accuracy has declined significantly. I’m working on an M1 MacBook Pro. I work in Nuke and use the OFX plugin version of Mocha Pro. I downloaded the standalone version and ran the same tracks in LE mode, while there was a slight improvement, the tracks were still unusable. I tried toggling GPU acceleration on and off. I also tried to allow unsupported GPUs, none of this improved the track quality.

Is anyone else experiencing similar issues on an M1 Mac in either Nuke or the Standalone version?

I’ve responded to the separate email case you sent, but I too would be curious to see if others have experienced any issues with the M1 so we can build up a picture of what may be going on here.

Yes, facing the same issue with M1 Mac mini. I’m using bundled mocha-pro with after effects and the tracking is just not accurate.

@mistry.manishv if you disable GPU processing in Mocha preferences and restart Mocha, do you get the same problem?