Issues with Corner Pin and exporting tracking data

Hi, I’m Bastien a french studient (sorry for my english) in vfx and i’ve an issue when i export my tracking data done in mocha and with my corner pin in Ae.
I’ve already checked some topics on that but i didn’t found an anwser to my problem…

So, I’ve tracked my arm into mocha, i click on Align Selected Surface and then i’ve copy to the clipboard my tracking data using After Effect Corner Pin format.
But when i past it on my precomp effect, corner pin scaled it…

All of my layers in After Effect have the same resolution (1920*1080).

Can you help me ?

Change your setting under the “view” setting underneath the workspace and above the timeline. When you copy from Mocha the data is delivered in a corner pin format; when you change that view to rotobrush-and fine edge, or mask, your Mocha vector tracking should be conformed to your clip resolution