Issues with Media Composer and BCC Continuum

I am running BCC v 13.5.1 with Media Composer 2020.8 B. I keep getting lock ups when I try to edit an existing title. I get a white screen and sometimes BCC and MC will vaporize to the desktop, sometimes MC will have to be ended with task manager. Is it just me? Is there a work around for this?

Can you provide more info:
-I presume you are referring to Title Studio?
-Is it only a problem when opening an existing title or does it happen for new titles too?
-Do the existing titles render OK and only fail when you open the UI?
-What OS version are you running?
-Did it only start happening with MC 2020.8 B? Did the Continuum version change recently as well?
-Any other details you can add?

I was just about to answer my own question. Yes, I was using Title Studio 13.5.1. I had used Title Studio throughout the project which is 1920 X 1080p 30fps. The OS is Win 10 2004 64 bit pro and the MC version is 2020.8Beta. I decided that the only logical explanation was that the project had become corrupted, so I deleted it, re-cut it, and things worked as they should. Thanks for getting back to me.
Issue Resolved,

Thanks for the update! If the issue returns please send us a project file if possible so we can analyze the internals. (Private message through the forum is fine.)


Hi Jason,
I’m sorry now that I deleted it so quickly. It would have shed some light onto why it got corrupted.