Issues with Mocha 2019 and remove module

I have to issues with Mocha 2019 OFX using the remove module, reproducable here with Hitfilm 10 and Vegas 16 and two different Computers.

  1. Tracking with GPU support works like in mocha 5.6. But rendering inside the host application results in hangs with no CPU usage. Just hangs…
  2. Using a remove as input for another remove results in hangs when the second render is activated. To reproduce this in Hitfilm take some footage, create a composition and do a remove of something. Render out in Hitfilm. Now use this comp in another comp. If you use mocha 2019 remove on the second comp it will hang as soon as you tick render remove for that second comp. In Vegas make two projects and nest them.
    Before people ask why not doing one remove: It does make sense since the second is blended in.
    And before people suggest to make single projects and render into intermediate files: That’s why I bought the ofx-Version, because I don’t want single work steps with single renders.

Anyway it works fine with Mocha 5.6 - I just tried 3 nested removes, each one rendered out inside the host (Hitfilm 10) and used as source footage for the next Mocha operation. With Mocha 2019 it is not possible. “Not possible” in the means of freezing the host applications.

I’d like to know if someone out there can reproduce it with other hosts applications. Graphic drivers as well as operating system are both up-to-date.

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We think this is a bug and are working on a solution.


Can you try opening the mocha gui, turning off GPU processing in Mocha Preferences and restarting the host?

This seems to resolve the hang. While this isn’t ideal, it appears to stop the crash until we can address the problem.

As Described above it only works for case 1 when you have a simple Project and do one remove it helps.
Fro more complex, Multi track Projects like case 2 it does not help. As soon as a second remove Rendering is activated the host application hangs reproducable.

Same with Vegas pro 16 and 15 - ive reverted back to 5.5 to get it moving…

@maryp, @martinb: What’s the current state of this? Can we expect a fix in the near future or do the devs Need further Information?

We do not have a timeframe yet, and Martin won’t be back from Interbee until next week.

We have found a potential solution to the issue so should be able to have a fix out for this soon.

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Update to this thread. Installed Mocha 6.0.1 and the Problem still remains. No multple remove renders possible, host applications hang.

Question for update on this Issue: Will this be fixed in the near future? What is the current Status?

Have you updated to the latest release build of Mocha (6.1) and are you still seeing this issue there?

I could only find 6.0.1 on the download page. The bug still exists there as reported on Dec 11th. If there is a 6.1, where can I find the download?

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Sorry, 6.1 was a typo on my part, 6.0.1 is the current release. I will confirm with Martin later today and see if this is fixed or not yet.

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Dear guys from BorisFx,
i really appreciated Mocha in the past and never had big issues.
But unfortunately with the new Version there is a bug restricting some Projects I did, the bug was reported very early and now after three month there is still no Information of when there will be an update.
I got on mail in the meantime of someone asking how to reproduce that but all that Information is given.
So please allow me to ask for Information of when that will be taken care of.

We understand the frustration, the release for 6.0.2 is pushed back for another several weeks while we solve the rest of the GPU errors along with this one. We are sorry for the inconvenience but if you email Martin and I maybe we can get you an early build and see if it solves your issue for you.

maryp at borisfx dot com
and martinb at the same.


I’ve just tested this in HitFilm again in v6.0.2 and nested removes seem to work fine so you may be okay for the next build.

If you want to send us a test project to confirm, please use the emails above.

To be make sure this isn’t just my test result however, how heavy are the removes you are doing?

  • How many frames?
  • What resolution?
  • Are you using clean plates?
  • Are you using an illumination model?

It lloks like it is Independent on how big or small the removed area ist, wether framerate is 25, 30 or 50 fps and if it is HD or even SD. It also affects Project using clean plates as well as Project not using clean plates. The most simple Project I have is a short mobile recording of a street musican for test puropses where I first remove one dove on the Ground and using the Output render for a second remove of another one. As soon as I tick “render to host” on the second one the host applicatons will hang.
My main testing Project contains a Video sequence in DV Format of People passing by in the old town of Jerusalem. It’s a comparison between different worklflows in Mocha and the original footage. It’s one of the Projects I open and render out every time after a Software update just for reference.
In one Clip I do a remove of three People in one remove with three Splines on the remove track. In another Clip I do a nested remove: First removing one, taking that result as a blend layer and as Input for another remove and again those steps for the third remove.
BTW: If that sounds crazy in the first view it is less work if the Goal of blenden in / blende out items in the Scene has to Change later than doing it with multiple Splines in one remove.
That Project opens and renders fine with Mocha 5.6 and immediately hangs with Mocha 6.0.0 and 6.0.1.