Issues with Mocha 2019 and remove module


I have to issues with Mocha 2019 OFX using the remove module, reproducable here with Hitfilm 10 and Vegas 16 and two different Computers.

  1. Tracking with GPU support works like in mocha 5.6. But rendering inside the host application results in hangs with no CPU usage. Just hangs…
  2. Using a remove as input for another remove results in hangs when the second render is activated. To reproduce this in Hitfilm take some footage, create a composition and do a remove of something. Render out in Hitfilm. Now use this comp in another comp. If you use mocha 2019 remove on the second comp it will hang as soon as you tick render remove for that second comp. In Vegas make two projects and nest them.
    Before people ask why not doing one remove: It does make sense since the second is blended in.
    And before people suggest to make single projects and render into intermediate files: That’s why I bought the ofx-Version, because I don’t want single work steps with single renders.

Anyway it works fine with Mocha 5.6 - I just tried 3 nested removes, each one rendered out inside the host (Hitfilm 10) and used as source footage for the next Mocha operation. With Mocha 2019 it is not possible. “Not possible” in the means of freezing the host applications.

I’d like to know if someone out there can reproduce it with other hosts applications. Graphic drivers as well as operating system are both up-to-date.


We think this is a bug and are working on a solution.



Can you try opening the mocha gui, turning off GPU processing in Mocha Preferences and restarting the host?

This seems to resolve the hang. While this isn’t ideal, it appears to stop the crash until we can address the problem.


As Described above it only works for case 1 when you have a simple Project and do one remove it helps.
Fro more complex, Multi track Projects like case 2 it does not help. As soon as a second remove Rendering is activated the host application hangs reproducable.


Same with Vegas pro 16 and 15 - ive reverted back to 5.5 to get it moving…


@maryp, @martinb: What’s the current state of this? Can we expect a fix in the near future or do the devs Need further Information?


We do not have a timeframe yet, and Martin won’t be back from Interbee until next week.


We have found a potential solution to the issue so should be able to have a fix out for this soon.


Update to this thread. Installed Mocha 6.0.1 and the Problem still remains. No multple remove renders possible, host applications hang.