It's time to add Wrap Module for Continuum

Containing tile and mirror, just like what Sapphire do.

All BCC+ filters in Continuum 2020 include the following options for edge handling : Repeat, Reflect, Transparent. Is there a filter in particular that you are working with that does not include this feature?

I can’t see any repea/reflect in BCC+ document :

Did I miss something? Thanks~

Hello, it is used to control the the edge of the blur, not what I mean.
I mean when you transform your footage, there will be black bar, so we had better to use tile or reflection to fill it. Just like S_WarpTransform, S_Shake, S_BlurMoCurve. Some BCC transform/motion filters really need this, like BCC DVE (Basic), BCC+Transform, BCC Jetter, and so on.

That seems like a reasonable request - I’ll add that to the dev database and we’ll see if we can add that in the next major release.


Thanks! Edge wrapping will fill the black bar when the frame is in motion. It is very important to the aesthetic of the footage look.

Yep, I totally understand. We’re going to add edge handling to the BCC+ filters wherever it seems that the filter would benefit from having this option. Thanks for mentioning this.


It would have been nice to make it a module like the Beat Reactor Module of almost every BCC filter. Since each module shares the edge handling code, it doesn’t seem too difficult.
Sure but I don’t know if it’s technically difficult.