IXIR Track editor

I learned about this product from a newsletter.
I downloaded the demo, asked a few questions in an email to the software company, never heard back. I ended up just making my own script to translate tracks to syntheyes.
Anyhow. I need more of the features offered in the tool, so I found I could purchase it through Creative Crash, and went ahead. Unfortunately, there is no platform option, only windows, and it’s a demo. I’m waiting to hear back from several emails I’ve sent out.
In my poking around I noticed the owner of the file is imgnr
That’s not you guys, is it?

Hey man,
Is this the company you’re talking about? http://www.ixirdigital.com/index.php
We are not affiliated with them. It looks like they have a way to process several third party splines and tracks, but I’ve never worked with their software.

yeah, the one for sale on creative crash wasn’t legit. Got a refund and was contacted by the Ixir team directly.
So far it seems to be a really great product.
Looks like you can export out shapes and it’ll turn the knots into track points. kinda opens up a whole new way of 3d solves