Jagged/hard edges using the Remove module and Edge Width

Hi! I’m struggling with this jagged edges for a while now. Nothing seems to be working.

This is for a straight forward and simple removal:

I have a “remove” layer with a cleanplate to replace a background.

I have a “Leg” layer on top with Edge Width settings to avoid jagged edges.

The thing is that no matter what setting I create for the “Leg” layer, it always looks jagged when I process the “Remove” module for the “Remove” layer.

I can tell if this is a bug or I’m not seeing something really obvious. I would really appreciate some guidance.

Thanks in advance!

Mac Pro (Late 2013)
macOS 10.14.6 (18G8022)

Mocha Pro (AE Plugin)
Version 8.0.3 build 19.gad747e6f19f1
Build Date Mar 15 2021

Remove tends to not remove with feathering. I think this is something we have been working on for a while but I will confirm with @martinb

As a workaround, render the remove as is, and then use the apply matte in a new layer without the remove render above your remove layer in AE to get the feathering back.

What does your remove layer spline look like?