Jitter in Track

Newbie question here. I am doing a simple monitor track and it all tracked great but on the lower left corner there is a slight jitter in like 6 frames. I tried to do an adjust track and nudge around the offending KF, but that didn’t help. I tried to crank up the pixels and draw some more shapes but that did not help. How can I deal with this slight jitter in Mocha? In the Flame I would just smooth out those 6 KF but planer tracking doesn’t work that way. Anyone have any ideas?

You can delete those key frames and try retracking and selecting a different area to track, it sounds like something is corrupting your tracking data, like a reflection on the screen. You do that by going into manual track and using the key+ and key- keys at the bottom right hand side of the viewport.
Other than that, keep playing with adjust track or manually delete keyframes in the program you export to.
Let me know if you have any questions!

Thanks Mary. It was a weird reflection on those two frames. I adjusted my track area and it took care of the problem quite nicely. Thanks!