Jittering when adding FX and Transitions to timeline

All I am experiencing an issue with DR and Boris Continuum. When I add a transition or filter, it will take forever to render, and the playback on the clip would be slow and jitter. These are OpenFX—no issue when I use Resolve FX. I also have Magix Vegas Pro on the same PC using the same Continuum Open FX and have no problems. I have already reinstalled both applications. Need help.

The Davinci Resolve render cache is flaky and often does not allow pre-rendering in the Edit pane. This is a problem with the Resolve host itself and is something that should be raised with the Resolve team. In general the built-in Resolve effects don’t operate the same as 3rd party external OFX filters, but we are always working to squeeze better performance out of them. Continuum 2021 includes a number of OFX performance tweaks which may help, but depending on the effect in question and the settings used they will not playback as fast as the native resolve effects.