Just does not work

I can’t get Mocha to track at all. I’ve spent 3 days on it with a ton of tutorials and I’m no where. It is super slow when tracking and slips on areas that have no interference or change. Camera solver is not solving better then 12% or gets stuck at 36%. Ended up using AE Tracker for the project instead and missed my deadline.

Spent a ton on this software to save time and got better results on the same clip in way shorter time using the built in tracker.

I’m using a Mac m1 maybe that’s why. Frustrated and hoping a specialist can assist before I just ask for my money back.

I have managed to get a camera exported at 99% but all points still slip.

I have turned off the gpu the settings.

Hi @user101
We’re happy to help, but it’s really difficult to guide you when there is no information on what you’re tracking, what version you’re using, or anything specific to the problem.

Please provide:

  • The Mocha version you’re using
  • What host version of After Effects you’re using
  • Steps to reproduce the problem.
  • Screenshots or clips of the tracking problem. If you’re unable to show the footage on a public forum for client reasons, you can send support the information confidentially: Boris FX | Open a Case

Since you’re using Mocha Pro, I’ve moved this post to the Mocha Pro forum.

Stoked for the help about ready to move over to PF Tracker here and ask for a refund.

The Mocha version you’re using?
What host version of After Effects you’re using?

When I did the intake form I stated that I was on the newest version of After effects and Mocha. After effects Creative Cloud updated 2 days ago along with mocha so they are at the latest versions of both running mac mini m1 on Monterey.

Steps to reproduce the problem?

The points just slip all the time even with a 99% camera solve. These areas have no interferance and have alot to hold onto. They seem stable in mocha but when the camera is pasted into after effects the points just slip everytime.

Screenshots or clips?

Oh this was to the forum I also started a ticket thought it was that one. I have stated the issues above.

Thanks, I’ve found your case in the support queue. I’ll respond there.