Just downloaded Silouette Trial / Activation Key where is it?

Where is the activation key? IM SORTA LIKE really on a deadline. SO here I am emailing nobody, posting a question I’m not even sure will even be answered. I’m so peeved right now.

Welcome @user19 The free Silhouette 15 day trial is an option you select when you start the Silhouette software. No code is sent to you. When you select the “Request A Trial” option, you click OK, fill out some information and the activation occurs automatically. According to our database, I don’t see an activation attempt for you.

Please also note, if you are on a tight deadline, forums might take time to respond to. You can always call customer support by calling 1-888-77-BORIS from 9am to 6pm Eastern Standard Time (M-F, excluding holidays).