Just purchased Vegas Suite 18

Hello! I have just recently purchased Vegas Suit 18 and trying to redeem these awesome plugins. The problem is when I open the downloader I put in the key it installs. When I open the second time it makes me delete the first install before adding second key? This completely removes the first key I put in. Can someone help me with this?

Oops, I am just continuing to reinstall and seems to keep adding. If this still isn’t right can someone please let me know!

Hi, i’m prob not much help but are you trying to open the same installer & enter the same key? whenever i buy something i get an email with different installer links & different activation numbers/key.

Happening to me, too. There is a newer version of Continuum that is being downloaded, instead of the three Continuum files we are supposed to get with Vegas Pro 18. We don’t have the license number to the newer version of the program that only has one license key for us to enter.

We can use the newer version of the Continuum plugin in Vegas, but everything will have a red X in the movie frame until we get a license to use it.

Anyway, I don’t think the newer plugin is at all similar to what we were sold. Hopefully, Boris can straighten this out. Fix the download link for the 3 plugins we need. We already have the 3 license keys needed.

Not sure why the download links would be giving you the wrong version of Continuum. Can you clarify exactly what links you are receiving? If you want to send this privately you could use the private message feature in the forum.

But in the meantime you can download older Continuum versions here:


The download link I’m being emailed is this one:

It only asks for one license, not three. Each time it is run, it uninstalls itself.

The link you sent does appear to be the correct download for the the Vegas 18 bundles - Continuum 2020.5 OFX (v13.5.1a).

This introductory video to the Vegas 18 bundle may be helpful for you.

Basically there is a single installer whether you have the full version of Continuum or individual units. You run the full installer, enter the activation key at the end for the first unit. Then you run the installer again, and it should let you enter an activation key for the second unit. Repeat for the third unit. And notice the choice in the installer (described towards the end of the video) to choose whether you want only the licensed units to appear or whether you also want the other unlicensed units to also show up (but with watermarks). Does that help you get up and running?


When I run the installer again, it uninstalls itself. And the ContinuumOFX folder is removed. So, nothing is kept from the first install.


The license is kept from the first install - that is what matters. When you run the installer a second time, it does uninstall and then immediately reinstall the software, but when you enter a new license the second time it will add it to the first license. And then when repeated a third time it will add the third license. ALL the units use the same actual software as the full installer and it is only the licenses that differentiate units from the set. If you follow the steps for installing 3 times and adding a separate unit license each time, does the software work as expected for you? Do the plugins show up and work inside vegas?

Is there a list of BCC plugins that I’m supposed to have licenses for? I have no idea what I’m looking for at this point. Do I have 2020 or 2020.5? I don’t see Title Studio or Reflection or Corner Pinning, etc. plugins that are mentioned in the videos I’m getting linked to. Exactly which plugins are installed for Vegas Pro 18? I don’t have After Effects or any of the other video editors. It’s confusing watching video demos of Continuum plugins that I don’t see in my FX browser.

According to the Vegas Pro 18 comparison webpage - https://www.vegascreativesoftware.com/us/vegas-pro/product-comparison/#productMenu - Vegas Pro 18 Suite comes with 3 BCC Units: Film Style, Restoration and Particles - as per the video linked above by jclement.

A full list of all of the BCC Filters and Units can be found on BorisFX’s website at https://borisfx.com/products/continuum-units/. On this page, if you click on each of the 3 Units that come with Vegas Pro 18 Suite (i.e. Film Style, Restoration and Particles), you will be able to see exactly what filters / VFX to which you have a licence via Vegas Pro 18 Suite.

Title Studio is available separately or in the BCC 3D Objects Unit and is not part of Vegas Pro 18 Suite. As the video suggests, contact Boris Sales if you are interested in purchasing any Units additional to those that come standard with Vegas Pro 18 Suite.

Unfortunately, those links only tell me what Vegas Pro 18 doesn’t include.

Now I am confused. The link to the Vegas Pro comparison chart specifically shows what BCC Units are included with Vegas Pro 18 Suite.

As I suggested before click on the Unit links in the BCC link so that you can explore the FX in the specific Units included in Vegas Pro 18 Suite. That means that you only need to click on the Units for Film Style, Restoration and Particles to see what you get with Vegas Pro 18 Suite. If you don’t want to look at the others that aren’t included, then don’t do that right now.

Those links tell you that that you get the 2020.5 version of three Continuum units → Film Style, Image Restoration, and Particles. A “unit” in Continuum is a single category of filters. There are roughly 20 units that comprise the full Continuum product, and with that Vegas bundle you receive licenses for those three units mentioned above. Title Studio is part of the 3D Objects unit and is not included. Corner Pin is part of the Match Move unit and is not included. The links posted by dexcon should show you what is in each unit, but if you just run through the installation process you should have access to 3 categories of BCC filters inside Vegas.