Keep old resolution of splines when moving to a new session (with bigger resolution)?

Hey y’all. I have a question regarding my splines in SFX. I have done some roto on a plate but this plate has an updated resolution. However, when I imported my splines, It also increases its resolution. My question is, is there any way to keep the old resolution of the splines when I move it to a different plate with the new resolution?

Yes, the resolution of imported splines are resized to the current resolution. There is not currently a way to prevent this. However, you could try the following:

  • Make a copy of your project.
  • In the copied project, replace the source with the new resolution source.
  • Select the ROI icon in the Viewer, choose Enable and click the Set ROI to current DOD icon. This expands the region of interest to the source DOD.
  • When you render, change the Data Window render option to ROI.
  • If the splines are not aligning for some reason, use MultiFrame mode to globally adjust all splines to the correct position. You will only have to do this on one frame.
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