Keyboard customization

I’d like to add some keyboard shorcuts to the script.
For example the feather tool, tracker keys…
Is there a documentation on the syntax for adding new keybinds?
Even better is there a utility to add keyboard shortcuts without having to learn a programming language?
It shouldn’t be difficult…

The file itself should serve as documentation - most of the bind statements are very simple. I would suggest looking through there to see how the current binds are set up, and make adjustments as necessary. If it’s not making sense, post what you want here and I’ll drop you a custom file.
There is a GUI bind editor on our list, but it’s not as simple as you’d think, since many binds actually do more than one thing. It’s done in Python specifically to make it as flexible as possible.

If I would like to move the Channel Cycling from key ‘A’ to key ‘9’ and move the key ‘9’ View to key ‘A’, would I just need make the following changes? Thanks for the help!

fx.bind(“a”, callMethod(fx.viewer.setViewMode, 8))
fx.bind(“9”, cycleAlpha) # cycle through alpha settings (RGBA, A, RGB)
fx.viewer.setControlBind(“channels”, “9”)

Yep! Just swap the keys you find in

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Thanks Paul!