Keyboard shortcuts Stop Working After Mocha Tracking | v7.5.4

Hi, has anyone experienced the weird issue of the keyboard shortcuts not working immediately after you Mocha track a layer? You have to manually click a tool or anywhere on the screen to reactivate the keyboard.

Tested on 7.5.4 but it never used to happen back on v5. Not tested on v2020 though.



The only thing I can think of here is that the Silhouette user interface became unselected somehow.

Probably unrelated, but in 7.5.8, the following issue was fixed:

Trees Windows - Keyboard Shortcuts Failing
When changing to a different node, the Trees window keyboard shortcuts could fail.

Ah cool, I don’t think it used to do happen on v5, thought maybe something in v6 or 7 may have introduced it…That fix may indeed solve it so will have to test at some point. Cheers