Keyframe animation bug

I’m test a trial version of Sapphire 2021.02. I done a 0-270 rotation animation.
But it worked like a bug , animating from 360-270.

I use VP18, Looks interesting. Can you switch of the PnP and try again.

Picture In Picture.

Uncheck PnP.

This has nothing to do with PIP. You’re focusing on the wrong thing. I’m going to delete these irrelevant things, because they would interfere with Sapphire team’s judgment.

That screen capture does indeed show weird behavior, but it is the host (Vegas) that controls those keyframing numbers, not the plugin. This looks like a Vegas host bug that should be reported to Magix. As a workaround you could try setting the starting keyframe to 0.001 instead of being exactly 0.0 and that might trick the host into giving you what you want.


Vegas’s own PIP does not cause this problem. Does this mean the problem is not Vegas itself?

Your screen capture shows what clearly looks like a Vegas host problem. Does the workaround I suggested solve this for you? If it does that would be further evidence that this is a host issue.

No, it still exists.