Keyframe pasting problem

I’m trying to track a wall that the camera pans across and add some text onto it, but when the tracking data is pasted onto the text layer pastes all wrong, in a weird disjointed way, and I can’t see actual the text.

I’ve attached a video here showing my process and outcome:

Feel free to let me know what I might have gotten wrong. The composition and video frame rate are both 23.976

This is private, so I can’t download it. Can you revise the access?

Ah yes thank you for bringing this to my attention! Sorry about that, it should be public now

Hi Bea,

I didn’t connect this user name and your email, sorry. Can you transform the text to the size of the comp by going to layer>transform>fit to comp and then precomping the text and moving all the attributes into the new composition? That should fix this issue.