Keyframe timing when render is different FPS

I recently was working on a project at 60fps in Vegas Pro 17, and manually created some keyframes in Partical Illusion to have a sparkle particle emitter follow the motion of some waving Fairy wands. Everything looked great until I rendered the video to a 30 (29.97) FPS output format, and nothing lined up anymore.

Aside from being forced to render a 60fps Proxy and then render that as my 30fps output (which is what I ended up doing), is there another way to easily tell my already-created OFX plug-in instance for Particle Illusion to dynamically adjust the keys at render time? (or easily change the FPS on the plug-in instance pre-render without recreating the keyframes)

There’s no easy way to do this. Can you use Mocha to track the wand so you don’t need to manually keyframe?

Oh – the tracking really was not that big a deal. Since there are three different wands in the image (3 girls waving them around), lots of occlusions and tracking just wasn’t working well… so it was easy enough to manually track. (thanks for the suggestion though!)

I just hate surprises – and although in my preview everything looked great (project at 60fps) I really disliked discovering just-in-time that the render didn’t look proper because of the different FPS.

In Vegas, it handles frame rate changes perfectly at render-time… would be nice if Boris could do the same.

Just to clarify, it might be PI only that doesn’t handle this well – the rest of Continuum might be fine.