Keyframes disappear when adding new media

I’m running Continuum 2020 BCC Title Studio in Vegas Pro 17.0, and I’m experiencing unexpected behavior. I’m new to Continuum. The problem I’m having happens whether I’m running Title Studio from Vegas or stand-alone.

I have two containers. The first contains two extruded text strings, MHS and Lions. The second contains six EPS files that at present are 1-sided planes. (I will extrude them later.) You will notice that several of my tracks contain keyframes that I have created to perform simple functions, such as moving, sizing, spinning and controlling opacity and light intensity.

When I try to add any new media, all of my keyframes disappear and when I run my project, my image remains completely static.

In this case, I added a flat text media item. Notice that all of my keyframes are gone.

I’ve tried selecting various tracks prior to adding the media, not having any tracks selected, every type of media, and, while there are differences in how the objects are laid out afterwards, the one thing that is consistent is that my keyframes go away.

What is happening? Am I doing something wrong? Where can I find information that addresses this?

Hi Kenton,

In general Title Containers within Title Studio are used to auto animate effects. This differs from 3D Containers in that any time changes are made to a Title Container after keyframes are setup it has to recalculate its animation. This results in a reset of any manual keyframes. This can be seen if you add flat text to a Title Container, set up the animation and then change the text. Title Studio will reset to take into account the new text.

One work around is to make sure that you’ve added all your elements (and finalized your text) to the Title Container before you set up the animations. Another is to use a 3D Container, and manualy set up your animations. If you have a mix of media this may be helpful.

Let me know if this works, if not, we can look at other workflow options to make things more efficient.

All the best,

Thanks, Vin, that makes a lot of sense and really helps me to understand.

I did start to redo my Scene using 3D Containers instead of Title Containers, and so far, it’s been keeping my Keyframes.


Fantastic! If you run into any difficulty let me know, I’m happy to help.