Keyframes, emitter movement and particle velocity

I’m struggling a bit, and I cant find any guidance on this elsewhere. Using Da Vinci Resolve.

Trying to create wisps of smoke coming from a gun barrel which i then move slightly and blow away.

Problem one, If I press add keyframe (the plus button above the timeline), nothing happens. And there is no way of deleting a keyframe either (I saw a post about that elsewhere, but it looked like it had been fixed).

Second, if i activate autokeyframe (which looked like the only way to add one, but then I remembered the buttons to the right of parameters), and move the emitter from point a to point b, the source of the smoke doesnt change from point a to point b as I was expecting.

And finally, I am trying to blow the smoke away, which would require a big increase in particle speed as I blow. But changing particle speed, even over time, is not speeding the particles up enough (or at all). So I thought perhaps to add a force and increase the strength of it when I blow, but that doesnt really do the trick either.

Any ideas anyone?

I think everything you’ve attempted is correct, but something must be “wrong” for it not to work.

  1. The “add key” button does work, but you need to make sure you select the parameter in the controls view first… in your case “Position”. (We should make sure the “add key” button is disabled when nothing is selected)

  2. A force object will blow particles away – that’s exactly what it’s for. Remember that you need to look at the “Start Frame” bar above the graph view to see that the Force object is turning on at the right time.


Thanks Alan. Yes, I see the add button does work, but I think it’s slightly unintuitive to have to select a parameter (there’s a plus sign, so I expected it to add a blank keyframe, which I could then add parameters too. Also I think it is still not possible to delete a keyframe? (I saw that it was a known bug, but thought that was fixed.

The force object did force particles away, but at a constant velocity (where if I were to blow at some real smoke, it would accelerate and disperse the particles). I just couldn’t seem to recreate the effect of a quick blow of air using the force object.

I later found with moving the emitter that the source of the smoke did change position, but very suddenly, with no animation of the source of the smoke drifting from point a to b, despite there being quite some time between the two on the timeline.

I think its probably one of those things that I just need to keep on playing till I find the right settings.