Keyframes vanish if I adjust what text says in title studio

So, I created a new title container, then a new flat text. I input the name of the actor, set all my keyframe animations, and everything seemed fine. I then went to change the name in the text to a different actor, and my key frames vanished. I can cancel, not save, then go back into premiere again and navigate back into the titlestudio interface, but I then have the same problem all over again! Please help!

What version of Continuum are you using and what version of Premiere. Mac or Win?

When using Title container, what animation type did you use? You should not need to set up your own keyframes on a title container. They are generated automatically and regenerated every time text changes to match the new text size.

I used a regular rolling credits preset and it worked fine… until I opened the advanced UI. There aren’t any keyframes there, playing doesn’t do anything, and I can’t even manipulate the timeline in order to create the keyframes that are supposed to already be there.
I’m (trying to) use it in Resolve in Windows. Continuum 2019.

I can’t do anything with the project when I open it in the standalone version either. I tried changing to workspace to credits roll, and it popped the window off screen (major bug there, because why would changing the workspace layout move the window at all, let alone off screen?), and after I moved it back onto my desktop the problems persisted; for example even open project yielded nothing, no dialog for opening projects… which worked after I switched back to the default workspace (which also switched monitors, which it shouldn’t, because a layout change shouldn’t move the whole window).

Good afternoon, if you’re referring to the “Basic Credit Roll” has only two keyframes located on the first and last frame of the Title Container itself. They are linear interpolations applied to the Position Y, which animates the various credit pages.

When working with credit rolls, Title Studio automates much of the work, Unlike with type on titles, keyframes are not displayed in the same way.

To adjust the distance between each text page, you would want to select the page track, go to the Page Tab and then adjust the Page Header and footer. This will create a space between each page.

But adjusting the speed and length of the roll itself is done in the Title Container Tab and is dependent on the length of the clip that Title Studio is applied to.

I hope this helps!

This issue has been entered into our bug database for review. I’ve been able to reproduce the issue of the window jumping to a different monitor, however I haven’t been able to reproduce an issue where dialog boxes are available. If you cycle through open windows with Alt-Tab, do you see any dialogs that may have gotten hidden behind the main windows?

This sounds like the bug that can occur with windows screen scaling. Did you change it or Is it set to something other than 100%?

  • I experienced display issues in mocha when changing this, and when it’s set to the recommended 150% for my setup.