Keyframing the planar surface?

After tracking some time period, I tried to refine the planar surface adjustment, but it seems you can’t keyframe it.
Is the only way to adjust the planar surface though going to the AdjustTrack ?

This is a question we answer a lot on these forums, but the short answer is the shape is where the track is looking, the surface is a representation of what the track is doing. You can only animate the shape, you can’t refine the surface tool unless you use Manual Track to get past occlusions or Adjust Track to correct drift over time.

I highly recommend watching the Mocha Essentials series if you are a visual learner: Boris FX | Training Series

Or you can find our documentation here if you are a documentation type of learner: Boris FX | Mocha® 2021 User Guide

Or, if you need the cliffs notes version of the planar tracker, you can find that here: Boris FX

Please let me know if you have any more questions and I will be happy to help you. You may also find the search option in the forums useful as well.


Yeah sorry to play the role of this keeprepeatingaskinguy.

I guess i need to go more deep into your video. I did some of them but sometimes some pieces of the puzzle misses.

My Shot is quite long, and it seems when I try to adjust at the end, then there is an incidence in the beginning… I don’t get the logic of your keyframe interpolation yet.

There are not "set points " button in Mocha AE ? (Also a bit lost between the pro version and the AE basic version).

Mocha AE still has the old school Adjust Track. This video should help with that technique: Boris FX | Quick Tip: Adjust Track

But basically you move the points by hand, you align your four adjustment points to places you can find again on a master frame and click “set master all” and then correct the drift over time.