Keying out Black Background properly in Media Composer


I have a video clip that has a moving logo and the black background needs to be keyed out. I can’t seem to get the right combo of BCCFX to “simply” knock out the black 100% and allow me to shrink the text layer without still seeing a slight black edge of the scaled down logo layer, even though i’m trying to key out the black bg completely. Also it seems that applying the BCC Pan and Zoom for scaling down the logo layer actually crops the layer below I only wan to shrink the logo video clip, not the layer below.

Any help will be much appreciated, thanks!!!

It would be easier to help you if you shared a screenshot of the logo on the background. You might try using the BCC Linear Luma Key, which was designed for this purpose. You could also use the BCC Make Alpha key. Or, you can use BCC Primatte. I’d suggest starting in the order that I’ve listed these filters here and use the one that works best for the shot that you’re working with. But again, hard to know for sure without seeing the shot.

Pan and Zoom as not really designed as a transform scale tool - use BCC DVE or BCC UpRez for that.


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Thanks Peter!! the Linear Luma Key worked out nicely, once I pushed the threshold to 15, the black BG knocked out. I’m still having some problem even with DVE. When I stack it on top of the Linear Luma Key, onto my V2 logo track, it’s still ends up shrinking the V2 logo track and the track V1 below, which is what I don’t want. Any thoughts? Thanks again!

Ah I figured it out!! I must set my first effect Linear Luma Key effect to Background: None, then set my second effect DVE to Background: 1st Layer Below. And it looks fine!! No double background showing up now when I shink my logo to 50%.

Well done … yep, you beat me to it! So with Continuum filters, as you just discovered, the last filter in the stack must have the background pop-up set to composite onto a background track and all other filters must have background set to none.

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Good to know, yes I’ll definitely remember that moving forward, thank you!