Lacking full package of effects

Hi there,

I recently reinstalled Boris FX Continnum for a reinstalled version of FCPX on my Mac, and there seems to be less effects available.

I only have 101 video effects and 15 transitions provided by BCC. In pervious editions, I have had access to many more.

I would like to know what i can do to get the total amount of effects on there? I have a full license and serial number. I am using BCC FxPlug 15.5. I spoke to one of your colleagues via email, and they are telling me that i need to install v13.5. I do not have a link to that. Can you please help me with this, because the amount of effects/transitions I have right now is not enough.

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Hi Christopher,

The older version of Continuum that you’re referring to was built on the Apple FxPlug 2 API, which has been deprecated by Apple. We rebuilt the product from the ground up using a new codebase and the Apple FxPlug 4 API and the result is effects that render much faster (100% GPU accelerated!) and offer more functionality, such as the new FX Editor and the inclusion of Mocha planar tracking.

The older Continuum FxPlug product will not function as expected (if at all) on newer versions of FCP/Motion so I would recommend against installing that. Please know that we will add more filters to the Continuum FxPlug product as we move forward but the discrepancy in the filter count between the old and new versions of this product is normal and expected. If there are filters from the old version of Continuum that you used to rely on that are not yet in the new version of Continuum please let me know and we’ll see what we can do to push that forward in the development schedule.


Right, so how is that reflected in the price? I understand your reasoning, and thank you, but that isn’t really how I would be using it. It is just disappointing to have such limited functionality. Also, from what you have said, it seems that you aren’t able to assist me further?

Hi Christopher,

The price for Continuum FCP has not been increased in many years - we do everything that we can to keep the cost to the end user as low as possible.

I mentioned all of the new functionality that we’ve added to the product, such as mocha planar tracking in every filter, hardware acceleration across the board, an all new FX Editor, hundreds of new professionally designed presets, a cleaner and easier to use UI, support for the latest Apple FxPlug 4 API, new text templates etc etc. We’ve also created 3 brand new Continuum Units, exclusively for FCP, which span the filter set and have priced them at $60 each and these come with a license that does not expire. Sounds pretty good to me!

I understand that you’re missing some of the functionality that you used to have in the legacy product but as I mentioned already, please send along your list of the legacy filters / transitions that you would like to see at the top of our development list and we’ll try to push them forward in the development cycle.

We’ve always here to assist our end users - the conversation is not closed.


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