Lagging preview Vegas Pro 15

My build:
Ryzen 7 2700x
GTX 1050 2 GB FTW
16 GB Ram

Hey everyone! I need some help figuring out what would be the best hardware to run BCC continuum transitions and effects so the preview doesn’t lag. Not sure if I need a better graphics card or maybe it’s an issue with the CPU.
I’m editing 2k footage. When an effect comes in, the preview lags so bad that I can’t even see if it’s on time. The only way is to preview in quarter which still lags but not that bad. When I check my performance tab in the task manager it shows the CPU is increasing up to 70% and the graphics card is staying at 5%. So seems like the card is not even being used by the effect. Checked the supported graphics card section and my card is not even on the list. Is it really true that BCC continuum doesn’t support my 1050 or higher?
Would appreciate any help.

Continuum should support the GTX 1050 just fine. The GPU utilization is likely a question of which effects you are using since GPU utilization varies from effect to effect. Some are 100% GPU accelerated while others use the CPU (with full multi-core/multi-processor support) and others use a mix of GPU and CPU. Vegas’s own use of the GPU and CPU also complicates the analysis. With 2k footage the memory usage may be a consideration as well. Does the memory utilization in Vegas appear to max out on your system?

Thank you for your reply.
I tried disabling GPU acceleration in vegas and it became even worse. The memory never goes more than 6 GB and I have 16 gigs total. Really not sure what could be a problem here :neutral_face:

Which effects are you using typically?

I mostly use transition effects like BCC Film glove dissolve or BCC vector blur dissolve and others.
Pretty much any effect that I use apply CPU utilization. It’s also strange why my 8-core Ryzen can’t handle it well. Do I need an even more powerful CPU for that?

Which version of Continuum are you using? BCC Film Glow Dissolve was replaced in BCC 9 by BCC Fast Film Glow Dissolve which is GPU accelerated using OpenCL. It should be noticeably faster than the original Film Glow Dissolve but it’s unclear which you are using. Vector Blur is one of the more render intensive filters in the Continuum product, especially if the blur length is large. Using Vegas’s Build Dynamic RAM Preview might help for render intensive effects.