Large Meshtracking going of screen

Hey there,
I have a very large, moving slide that is filmed while the camera is moving and goes over the edge of the picture. There is also movement in the foreground. All needed objects are masked and on top of the material to be tracked. I have now made the mesh tracking shape very large and set Link to track to none. But now I get very funky results in the details on the edge of the screen with the Meshtracker. I would like to stabilize that to paint the thing that I have to retouch. Later reverse the movment like I always do.
I would be very happy to receive tips.
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You always need to over-roto your holdout shapes when they go over mesh tracks, because the mesh track is so sensitive. Larger shapes are better shapes.

With the stabilization for retouching, what host are you using and I can give you a better idea of the workflow?

Hey Mary,

the Holdoutmask for the mesh is fine. That works very well. The main problem is the moving camera going out of the frame with my Mesh.
I am Using Mocha Pro as OFX on Flame.

Thanks a lot !

OK, the mesh is holding. Good.

I am missing the problem I think. If the object goes offscreen, it goes offscreen. What is the issue? Is the stabilization not showing the object on the right frame? If not, you can fix that with a reference frame on the frame where you see the fullest amount of the object.

OR you can create your paint and use it as a patch instead of a stabilized paint, using the insert module.

Sorry, I am unclear about where the exact issue is. Can you show a screenshot and I can advise from there?

Hi Mary thanks, thanks again for your very quick response.
The problem is that the camera pans from bottom to top and cuts the Object below and above. The texture is then totally stretched and distorted at the edges of the mesh (on the edge of the screen). I can’t get the whole mesh into the picture at once.
After a short break, I’ll just do 2 tracks now. One starting from the end and one from the beginning and then blending them together.

Or could I set several reference frames?

Thanks again and best regards,

When this happens the stretching is due to the offscreen motion and loss of pixel data, You are going to have a way better result with a larger patch instead of live paint here. I recommend switching from a stabilize workflow to an insert workflow for this.

I actually have a request in with @martinb for a megaplate/remove option for this kind of thing because it would really help with these types of shots. For now though, make yourself a large patch, use the insert module, and feather it, degrain, warp, regrain, and blend it in. That’s going to be the best workflow here.

You could also blend between results as you are suggesting, that can work too and I have done that on complex beauty work with the stabilize PowerMesh workflow before we supported insert module patches.

Ok, I will give it a try with the insert Worklflow. Sounds good. The shot is one of shitty one. A person interact with it and paint on top of it…and the object stretches and warp like there is no tomorrow.
And there is a lot Moving area where she covers it. At this point there is now the update the mesh right?

Megaplate & remove sounds perfect. I love Mocha!!!
Thanks for a lot feisty shots and lern how to beat them.

Thanks for your time Mary.

All Best,

Hello Mary,
I managed to track the entire area in one go with the mesh.
However, this is really a monster of mocha tracking data and kills the integrated setup in the flame batch. More than 317 MB to mutch to handle inside Flame Batch for the little Flame: D.
And I can’t open the setups again. I had a lot of Flame Crashes during the night because of the OFX inside Flame.
I now render the plates out so that I can open them in a new setup afterwards … A bit cumbersome, but I’m glad that it works that way.

So I wanted to ask you if it would be better to use the standalone software in such a case so that I could render the material directly. and can open again if necessary.
In my case I only have the OFX plugin version. Could I upgrade my account so that I can use the standalone and OFX?

Thanks a lot

Hi there,

Usually, yes, the standalone is a bit faster because it does not have to process through the host and then via Mocha and back again. You can certainly upgrade and use both the standalone and the OFX version, and in fact the .mocha files can be passed back and forth from OFX to Standalone and back again. I would contact sales about this: Boris FX | Contact Us

They can hook you up. :slight_smile:

Hey Mary,
that sounds great and I can go around the bottleneck inside the Batch. For the every Task it works perfectly but for this kind of jobs.
I will contact sales.

Thanks so much Mary.

Best regards,