Last saved folder for Clean Plates

Hi Mocha team, any idea when you’ll be adding the feature for Mocha to remember the last folder I saved clean plates? I retouch long-form videos and often output 20-30 clean plates per shot. It’s very time consuming to keep having to select the folder to place the Clean Plates (it always defaults to the Mocha folder). Why can’t it just remember the last place I saved? I’d greatly appreciate if you could put this into the next update.

We have it on our list, but there are other more pressing development items in the queue ahead of it, I will let @martinb know another user has requested this and see if we can fit it into the upcoming releases.


Hi Mary, I support this request. It would be especially useful for Windows users. Unlike on MacOS there is no quick way to access the last used folder in a file dialogue. Come to think of it I should hop over to Microsoft and file an FR there, too … ; )

Got it, thank you!