The ability to add a lattice to modify roto.

Often times you need to change a large section of your roto for about certain sections of your shot, not the whole thing so you don’t have to start over. Cloth or Hair for example you roto’d the wrong wrinkle or piece of hair that flares out, etc… Uberkey is not going to work in that situation.

So 2x2, 3x3, 4x4 lattice. Also I want to have the option of adding the lattice either to the layer or directly on top of the shape. That way I can either influence the keyframes directly or passively. The reason for adding it to the layer would be like when your working in 3d application that is dagnode based (power animator, maya, etc…), when your fixing/modifying animation it is often better to group an object to itself and then modify the top parent. It helps when there are way too many keyframes. Other times though you just want to directly influence the keyframes already there.