Launch Mocha button Avid MC

Hi all,

I am finding that my ‘Launch Mocha’ button within my effect editor tool is not functioning on ‘previously created’ BCC effects that I want to tweak/modify.

I am using Avid MC 2021.12.5 and latest Boris BCC and Mocha Pro.

These are Primatte Studio effects created a few weeks ago. I’ve received notes and I am attempting to go in and make changes. Any assistance would be appreciated as I do not want to recreate these effects from scratch.

Thank you!

Hi Patrick,

This is quite odd and not something that we have encountered before. I have a couple of suggestions :

(1) Can you try adding a new instance of Primatte Studio to a clip in the same sequence and see if the launch button for Mocha works?

(2) I wonder if the Mocha custom UI is appearing behind the Avid MC window - you might try clicking on the mocha button and if you don’t see the Mocha custom UI window then minimize the Avid UI and see if the Mocha window is there.

Please let me know if either of these suggestions help solve the problem.


To add to Peter’s notes:
You mention “previously created BCC effects”. Was this issue not happening until you updated to the latest Continuum?

Hi Peter,

Thank you for your reply. Yes, it is quite odd, but after some digging around I think I may have found the problem: I may have created the ‘previously created BCC effects’ on a newer version of BCC and Mocha Pro.

I switched Avids, from a Windows VM, to a remote Mac, and I suspect that the software versions were not identical.

I did try your suggested steps however, and (1) YES, and (2) no, Mocha UI is not hiding behind Avid MC

Thanks again for your input and assistance!