Launching Optics from non-Adobe editor

I’m currently using Photoshop and Lightroom for editing photos. However, I’m going to be canceling my CC subscription and switching to Affinity.
One thing I do like is that I can be editing in PS or Lightroom and select Open In Optics. I know I can open a file in the standalone version of Optics, but is there a way to launch Optics from Affinity?

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Optics is currently available as a Standalone as well as a Photoshop/Lightroom plug-in. It appears the Affinity Photo does not fully support the Photoshop plug-in standard yet. I suggest making a request to Affinity to support Optics.

Optics does support being launched in “plugin mode” from other apps if they pass the image on the command-line.
Does Affinity have preferences for adding other “Edit in…” apps?

Affinity does not have the ability to “edit in” other apps. We highly encourage Affinity users that want Optics support to post the request on their forums.