Layer has not been tracked in the range specified

Mary, I have another question.

I imported MOV file 1280x720, 50p. And after all, how to export the file with the same resolution and frame rate? Now, when I export the file, it is only 720x576 50i and not 50p, though I specify it to progressive. A little bit confused.

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You will have to remove these in sections because of the in and out points, but that is easily done by turning the gears off and on when you need to render. You are missing the vital “background” track to complete these removes. You will need to make sure you have an underlying, rock solid shape for all these tracks to do a remove. You can simply duplicate and expand all four layers and put them beneath your remove layers if the tracks are solid.

Do you see what I mean?


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Can you show me what the layers look like? Just do a full screen full rez capture and I should be able to see what is going on. Likely, you have not defined a background track and foreground removal shape, or the order of layers is not correct.

Happily, it should be an easy fix. Did you make a cleanplate for these blemishes?


OK, so in our documentation ( ), we go over layer order and what is needed in depth, but to make a remove you need the following:

A track of what is behind the area you are trying to remove (in this case, a face)
A separate shape layer ABOVE that layer that defines what you want to remove (in this case, the blemish)
You must make sure the remove shape is always inside of the tracked background shape

In this case, because you have multiple layers, you will need background layers for all of your shapes. And you will only want to remove those shapes in the frame range they exist in. So you will need to trim your layers and render those sections separately, not all at once.

Wonderful, I am glad you are all sorted out.

Here are two captures. Yes, I made a cleanplate. These four layers have different “in and out” ranges. So, maybe I have to make separate cleanplate clips for these layers, since the layers are in different ranges? Or just one cleanplate?



I created four layers, which have different “in and out” regions for skin retouching in the video. Then created a Cleanplate clip and edited it in Photoshop. But when I press the render button a table pops and shows “Unable to replace pixels: Layer has not been tracked in the range specified”.

Please, provide some information :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Well, I’m not sure…

So ones more, what exactly needs to be done so that I could finally press render? :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

I will try and will give a reply.

No success. Since I’m very new to Mocha Pro, I don’t clearly understand what are background and foreground planes.

Ok, so:

First Step: new project → I import my video. The first picture we see on the screen - what is it? A background plane?

Second step: I use “X-Spline Layer Tool” to select the necessary objects. It automatically creates one layer for this. So that layer, what is it?

Third step: After using “X-Spline Layer Tool” I press “Track Forwards”. After this, I create a ceanplate and then press to render. But nothing happens.

It is written: “Make sure the background layer is under the foreground layers”. How to make sure the background layer is under the foreground layers? Ho to do it?

Sorry and thank you :slight_smile: