Layer Hierarchy

Title: Build [377.g5ec88c79ddf9] Layer Hierarchy seems to be slightly broken, i have noticed this with matte clips and x-spline layers.

Version: Mocha Pro 2019.5 Version 6.1.0 build [377.g5ec88c79ddf9] Build date Jun 4 2019

Windows 10 Enterprise N
intel Xeon CPU E5-2687W v4
64.0 GB Ram
64-bit operating system


It seems the top most layers are not being omitted/ignored properly. Specifically if you have a wall or object that begins to occlude the object you are tracking. This happens with both Matte clips and rotos with x-splines.

The track will drift as soon as the occlusion happens or an error will pop up stating “Tracking terminated prematurely” and then " one or more layers were not tracked properly. Try increasing the minimum percentage of pixels used."

It seems when using an x-spline for tracking, that Mocha is occluding the entire plate when you place a fg spline over the occlusion, disregarding the shape or size of the x-spline. if you swap the layer order and place the layer to the very top it will track just fine until the occlusion intersects your track.

Steps to reproduce:

Run some tests on layer hierarchy to recreate this issue specifically with an object passing behind a wall, car or similar. We have noticed this happens almost every single time, with matte clips or x-splines.

Expected result: Tracking objects that become occluded by foreground objects without drift or track disruption.

Actual Result: x-spline drifts or tracks foreground objects that are occluded by masks or matte clips.

Regression: It was not in an older build but i don’t remember which it was working in specifically.

Additional data: i will try to provide screen grabs of some sort but this is difficult do to the nature of the work.

This was a bug but should be fixed in the latest version of Mocha Pro.

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Thanks Mary, i will follow up with our team to grab the latest release! Would that be the 2020 release?

Yes! We are on Mocha Pro 2020 7.0.1 right now. With a new point release coming up soon to address other improvements.

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