"Layer Homography"?

Hey guys, me again
I’ve been working on a particularly troublesome clip for a few days now, and I had just gotten everything working well enough before moving on to the next part when this happened. I tracked a new spline, inserted a clip into it, and bam, "Overlay Error. Homography Calculation Failed. Failed to calculate layer homography."
I tried removing the offending clip, but that gave me a plain old “Illegal Insert Clip,” which meant that another layer had gotten screwed up. Reinserting that clip also gave me the Homography error. So now I have about four layers that are totally bodged, clip-wise, and I have no idea what this error means.

There shouldn’t be a limit for inserts, but likely there’s a corrupt layer in there. Check and see what the track is doing by turning on the surface and grid and seeing if they consistently stay on the area you are trying to track.
Alternately, you can send me the file and I can check it out.

Hello, I am experiencing this same issue with Layer Homography using Mocha Pro 2021.
It seems to happen when using the mesh warper tool. After tracking the mesh, and using the insert module, there is no issue with the layer until you use the expand planar surface to fill full frame.
Once you do that, the layer homography issue occurs. I also found that by adjusting the planar surface points individually (spreading them further apart) I could make this issue occur as well. This issue does not occur when using the regular planar tracker and not the warper mesh.

Your surface tool is going behind the camera. I’d say make the surface tool smaller, but you probably need it that large to align the surface. This is a sticky situation that I don’t really have a good solution for, but that we have been trying to program around.

Try making the surface smaller and seeing what you can get away with, you especially do not want the surface coming behind the screen plane.

Thanks Mary, Yes this does seem to be the case. I was able to make it work without the error as long as I don’t make the surface too large. But, yes, in order to properly register a clean plate, one really needs to be able to expand the surface to full frame.

Well, it depends on what you need as to if we can work around this. If you’re using the mesh warper, you can set the “frame” in the stabilize module as a workaround, in the frame list, and keep the surface tool to the area to the stabilized and see if that fixes it for you. But if you need the full frame, you might have to split the track up so the transform isn’t so extreme and blend between those angles. Sorry. That’s not ideal.