Layer Matte reading entire frame when placed under imported Matte Clip

Hello everyone,

I’m somehow having trouble tracking a very simple planar track (part of a bridge) and I’m wondering if it’s because of the following, perhaps you guys can help me out.

So I have a bridge full of cars, I tracked all the cars and light posts I want to remove in the scene and exported that as Rendered shapes creating a Matte Clip. I imported and everything was going smoothly:

So now I want to track all the parts of the bridge, I created a new layer (called Bridge) and tried tracking but I noticed that it was sliding way too much. I went to check the mattes and i found something weird happening. When the layer is on top the matte is correctly displayed like so:

But when I bring the layer to the bottom of the Matte Clip to have the matte clip subtracted, I noticed that the whole frame is being displayed as a matte. Here’s what I mean:

Is this an error and possibly why my track is sliding a lot? I’m not sure.
Anyway, I would appreciate any help and any sort of explanation.

Thank you so much

Hmmm… there IS a bug that doesn’t visualise track mattes properly for imported footage mattes, but it shouldn’t actually affect your tracking layers as it was a visual bug only.

We’ll need to investigate.

Are you able to supply the files for testing? If so, please send them here: martinb [at]

Hello Martin,

I actually filmed a random test scene to see if this was the issue with my tracking and I came to realize the same thing as you stated; it’s just a visual bug. The tracking worked just fine.

Ok, good to know.
We need to fix the visual bug anyway to avoid confusion :slight_smile: