Layer order / Mattes for tracking issues

Hi there,

I’m a long time Mocha Pro user and I’m having a problem in Fusion Studio. It seems like the layer stack for occluding tracked areas isn’t working properly. This seems to happen for both Mesh and standard planar tracks.

Is this a known bug? Any ideas what’s going on?

What version of Mocha Pro are you using? It’s an older bug, and should have been fixed in recent versions so I want to double check.

Hi Mary,

I’m using the latest. 8.0.3
It seems to often happen if I try the Mesh tracker and then revert to trying the planar tracker. I can tell when it happens because if I remake the mesh it ignores the layer mattes above it.

The PowerMesh tracker is REALLY sensitive, it might still be holding out but the holdout matte might not be wide enough. Try widening the holdout matte and tracking again.

Hi Mary,

It’s also giving me a problem with a regular planar track. I’m mentioning the mesh because if I try to create it when attempting other tracking solutions, it ‘sometimes’ ignores the holdout matte (mesh is created where the holdout matte is). It looks like a bug…

Interesting, let me try some tests. And let me flag @martinb for potential bug tracking.

Hey there.
If you close Mocha and reopen it, does the tracking issue go away?

It seems like the issue goes away if I quit out of Fusion and reopen. I’m not totally sure though because I’ve tried so many things to resolve it. Just as a test I tried in my standalone V5 and it worked without issue so I think there’s something else at play.

Possibly related, if I generate a mesh with a holdout then clear that mesh and drag it above the holdout and regenerate the mesh, it acts like it’s still under the holdout. This happens in the other order as well. So it looks like there is a cache issue for the mesh generation. As a work around I can duplicate said layer and then generate the mesh and it works as expected…

On another topic I was wondering why overlapping shapes on the same layer using ‘add x spline to layer’ subtract from each other.