Layer order not working

Hi all,

I just try to track some background object that underneath the foreground in layer order. But it always drift after only 1 frame. Then I try to do it again follow the Mocha roto tutorial from Surface Studio Video here. Even I use the same setting of him, tried using GPU or CPU, but I still got my drift problem. I’ve recorded my video for your reference under this article.

My video here

I am using Windows10-1903, Nvidia GTX 1060, After Effects 16.1.3 (Build5), Mocha Pro Plug-In 2019.5 ver 6.1.2.

Please help me for this problem. Thank you very much.


Hi Anson,

Can you try going to Mocha Preferences and turning GPU tracking off, and then restarting your AE host? Does the problem still happen if GPU tracking is turned off when you do that?


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Hi Mary,

The performance seems improve after turning GPU tracking off and restarting AE.
Thank you very much.