Learning the Remove Tab in Mocha

Hi all,

I’m trying out the Mocha Pro Free Trail and using the software to remove blemishes, etc from faces. If I follow the steps through completely everything works great… However if I go back and try to add to what I’ve done, my Progress disappears.

I’m using Mocha as the host, not After Effects or anything else

I’ve found many good tutorials on execution in the software, but no tutorials on how everything in the software works ( if anyone could recommend anything)

If you look at the photo attached, my first render was of Clean1 . then I came back and added clean 2 ( it’s a separate roto layer because keeping it all in the same layer hasn’t worked either. ) clean 2 didn’t work, and the progress on clean 1 was gone after clicking render again.

Do you only get one shot at this or can you go back and make edits?

My hunch is I’m missing something going on with the timeline, after working there are a lot of different colors on it and I can’t get a good grasp of what all colors mean…


The colors are just a visual that show you which splines are which.

For the Remove, Mocha only renders where the gears are checked, and you have the gear on the background and not the remove layers. Also, it’s easier to keep the remove layers together by using “add to x spline” instead of making a new shape, it also cuts down on render times.

You can find a getting started with Mocha and Mocha Fundamentals video series on BorisFX.com, let me get you a link:
Boris FX | Videos

That should help with the basics. And then there’s the Remove module walkthrough:

Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help you.