Lens Calibrate Button Unavailable

Hi there,
I’m evaluating Mocha Plus as a Trial for use with a mixed live action / CG project. I’m testing the lens calibration module and have a nice sequence of footage with a checkerboard image for the correct lens in the timeline.

The Locate Line button detects the checkerboard nicely (set as the calibration clip). But the “Calibrate” button is unavailable / greyed out. I have viewed a handy video tutorial on this topic but there’s no mention of an additional step(s) that I need to undertake to make the calibration button available.

Any ideas?

Hi David,

Have you joined together the lines you wish to use for calibration?

After you locate lines, you need to select a series of broken lines that should be a straight line. Create a New line for every continuous line that needs to be straight:

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your help. Initially I had failed to undertake your suggested step. But then I did and the button was still gray. However, it turns out that it WAS active. It might be a small UI bug. I have similar issues with Modo when I’m running AE CC2014, strangely.

But I really appreciate your prompt support - it makes a difference ;o)