Lens Correction - output STmap

Hello, after correcting the distortion of the lens, I am trying to output the stmap for further compositing in the foundry nuke.
But for some reason, the stmap comes out only in green, although there should be a gradient of green and red. Perhaps I am doing something right - in the help, I unfortunately did not find information on how to be in this case.

@m13i Rendering STmaps only work if the Silhouette session bit depth is set to 32 bit. Is your Silhouette session bit depth set to 32 bit?

Hello Marco, yes - 32 bits
I thought that maybe I made a mistake somewhere, to check it I created a new session in the same project and repeated the steps to eliminate distortion. Unfortunately, this again did not bring the desired result. Stmap is still green.
Can you tell me if it is possible to copy numeric values to nuke or fusion nodes? To get around the difficulties of exporting stmap?
Or if it is possible to export the lense distortion node as it is implemented in the 3dequalizer? After all, we can export rotonodes to nuke, fusion and other programs. Could it be possible to export lens distortion as well?
I understand that the solution with stmap is universal. And the lens correction module in the silhouette is implemented delightfully.