Lens data copy problem

hi I can’t copy the lens data to aftereffects. I’ve installed the extra plugin separately. Nothing happens when I copy from clipboard.

Mocha 2021
AE 17.5.1
osx 10.13.6

This might be an old issue with AE’s clipboard, let me confirm with @martinb. A workaround would be applying the lens data via the Mocha Pro plugin, unless you are working with the standalone.

Hi @murray971,

Try pasting the data to a text file, then search for where it says “mocha lens #1”.
Remove the “#1” from the data then recopy the text and try to paste it into AE.

After Effects has a bug interpreting the data in the plugin. We’ve reported this to Adobe but it loks like it hasn’t been fixed yet.
My advice would be to use the direct lens render like Mary suggests, as the lens plugin is essentially obsolete if you have the plugin. Or are you using the standalone version?

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yep that did it. thank you @martinb

I should have mentioned stand alone. got it working. thanks for your reply @maryp. love all your videos.

Glad you’re all set and thanks! :slight_smile: