Lens Distortion

Hi, I am having problems when undistorting footage, working on it, then trying to add the distortion back at the end so that it matches to the original footage.

Have tried the Lens Distortion node using positive and negative numbers but have not been able to get it to match the original.

Using the Standalone version of Silhouette.

@david4 Unfortunately, the Lens Distortion node does not support a round trip undistort/redistort workflow. The only working option for this is to use the Mocha Pro OFX plug-in through Silhouette.

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I will try Mocha to undistort and redstart the footage.

Thank you.

Hi David,
I briefly show this workflow in this video:

Hope it helps.

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@david4 I have used the Mocha Pro plug-in with Silhouette to paint and roto in the undistort/distort workflow. It’s similar to the tutorial from Ross, but with a couple extra steps depending on what you want to do. Happy to help.

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Is there a chance that in the future support for the import and or creation of ST maps might a possibility within Silhouette. Also is there a way to calculate the DOD required if using the Mocha Pro plugin for the lens workflow? Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, support for import and creation of ST maps is a possibility for a future version. We have had multiple requests for this.

At the current time, there is not a way to calculate the DOD required when using the Mocha Pro plug-in for the lens workflow.

Great thanks for the update marco. I thought that would be the case for DOD.

@TimH I generally add 500 pixels on all four sides by editing the values in the DOD node parameters box, although you could just alt-click the horizontal and vertical borders to pull them out equally. I don’t advise editing the DOD after the Undistort module has been implemented as the image is not centered anymore.

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Thanks Katie for that, appreciated.
I just tested away to get a rough idea of the required sizing of the DOD using the built in distort node and a transform node. I can estimate a rough distortion amount and the move the image around using the transform to see where the edge go to and adjust the DOD as required. It a rough way to estimate in Silhouette before going to Mocha and its interactive, I’m sure there is a better way though.

The video was informative.
Thank you.