Lens flare occlusion not working

Im Using the OFX version on Lens Flare, and every time I’m connecting occlusion layer, my lens disappear, no matter the location of the occlusion layer. without it it works great.
im also not seeing any occlusion submenu.

any idea of this behavior?

Hi asaf,

Which host are you using?

If you’re using Flame, make sure all your inputs in connected correctly including all the alpha mattes for Occlusion and or BG.

As for the submenu for Occlusion, it should show up once the occlusion inputs has been connected. For some reason on Flame, it doesn’t refresh all the params even when its connected. As a workaround, once the occlusion input has been connected, if you change the plugins to something else and then back to S_Lensflare then the occlusion params should show up.

Please let me know if that helps.


Thank you Linh.

Yes! that did the trick (im using it on Flame-Linux/OFX)
we have just switched to the OFX version of Sapphire, and the Spark version behaved different (one input of Occlusion was enough).
thanks again!