Lens Flare Presets?

I was wondering if there was anywhere that existed that has good looking Lens Flare presets for the Sapphire Lens Flare effect. The presets that come stock with the plugin leave a lot to be desired compared to something like Optical Flares.

I’d even be happy to buy presets if they were available somewhere.

There are a lot of presets for Sapphire LensFlare that are IMO too abstract or extreme, and they distract you from the really excellent presets that are in there: we have a large collection of presets based on real-world lenses for instance. The best way to find those (and filter out all the rest) is to type “realistic” into the search box in the preset browser.

I’d also suggest searching by preset artist name if you find one that you like – often that same artist created more that you might not be able to find using the “realistic” search.

Note that one of our goals in the next release of Sapphire is to not only clean up the lensflare presets, but also add many new high-quality ones – I know that doesn’t help you now though.


Thanks Alan!

That really helps. Typing realistic reveals a good amount of ones to start with. I agree, there are way too many presets that I would just never use.

Good to hear that Lens Flares is getting a face lift!

Great! Once you find ones you like (or at least don’t hate), add them to your favorites. Then you don’t have to even search anymore, just click the “favorites” tab.

If there are lensflare types or specific looks that you’d like to see, feel free to email me and we can discuss.


Even Lens Flare pictures help you to add effective effect.