Lens flare presets

Whilst looking at various sources it said that Boris Continuum, 3D lens flares comes with over 300 presets. I’ve opened the FX browser and I get 63 presets am I missing something?

I was hoping for something like the cheesy anamophic flares you often see with films like the Mission Impossible series (very rectangular and often a deep blue) I can’t see anything like this in the Continuum presets I can see. I know I had them in the Videocopilot optical flares add in I used previously.

Curious to know where you read this…

Hi Steve,

The BCC Lens Flare 3D filter includes exactly 78 presets. The BCC Lights Unit contains 21 filters and 381 presets. Perhaps this is the area of confusion?


Also, if you would like to send me an example of the flare that you’re trying to emulate I can either provide you with a custom preset for that look, if indeed it’s possible to emulate that look with the BCC Lens Flare 3D. If not, then we would need to use the Sapphire Lens Flare, which was just updated with some amazing looking presets and is without a doubt the number one lens flare emulator on the market today.


Stripe give me the horizontal but the rectangles in blue/purple I can’t see how to do those.

Having really pushed out the boat to get Continuum I can’t afford to splah out on Sapphire - I guess I’ll have to round trip to after effects and use Video Copilot to add the flares if it’s not possible - still it would be interesting to understand how someone who knows the BCC lens flares well goes about trying to emulate an effect and what parameters are tweaked - there’s so much there it’s hard to know where to begin!

I realise that these sorts of flares are not that common/realistic but once you notice them they appear in ALL of the action genre films these days.


Hi Steve,

Thanks for the image examples - and yep, I don’t think we can generate the squares with Continuum Lens Flare 3D but I know that this is something that is possible in Sapphire. And I understand that you’ve already exhausted the lens flare filter budget and that sapphire is not an option.

That said, I’ll work with the Lens Flare 3D filter and send you a couple of LF3D presets with my best shot at emulating these looks.


Hey Steve,

There really is no proper way of emulating that look with the Continuum Lens Flare 3D, but I’ve attached an attempt at a preset that will bring you part of the way there. To be honest though, you need to use another product for this and if it were me, I would opt for the Sapphire Lens Flare. It’s truly amazing and you can match the look that you’re after with that filter quite easily.

One thing to note is that we are currently offering monthly subscriptions for all products so you could opt for a monthly license for Sapphire which is only $62 for Adobe and OFX hosts ($112 for all hosts) and you retain the option to stop the subscription after one month or to continue the lease on a month to month basis. Here’s a link to show you what I mean : https://borisfx.com/store/?collection=sapphire&product=sapphire

I hope this helps!


(Attachment StarWarsishFlare.bsp is missing)

StarWarsishFlare.bsp.zip (4.7 KB)

Not the same (obviously) but I like what you came up with - it would be interesting to understand the process you went through to get there (very good training material I would have thought)

Hi Steve,

I’m glad you like the result that I came up with. Here’s the process that I used to arrive at this result :

• first I studied the image that you sent as a target, noting all of the different elements and how they were being composited into the scene
• next, I applied BCC LF3D to a solid layer in After Effects and disabled all of the elements so that I was starting with a clean plate
• then I enabled the flare and set the color, intensity and scale to match as close as possible the light source in the target image. I also enabled the 16x9 option in the filter controls to match the target.
• next, I enabled the rays and worked with that set of controls until I had something that was close, opting for straight rays with a low width and high count. By blending the rays color with the color of the flare I was able to achieve a closer match
• then I enabled the stripe and set that up, matching the color and intensity to the flare and extended the length so that it would reach all the way across the comp
• the final touch was enabling the polygons and selected a hex shape, a low count (8) and adjusted the scale and position to bring it close to the target image

So that’s all it was really - just working with the filter, enabling only the elements that I needed and then tweaking the control parameters for each of these elements to achieve the look that I sent along. It would have been much easier to simply apply the Sapphire Lens Flare, which was updated recently and can generate an exact match for the target image that you supplied in short order but this is as close as you will get to the target image without having Sapphire in your toolbox.