Licence Is For Older Version

BORIS Gave me a Licence in December on 27 Last the Serial Number Gives the Message Above.
My Invoice in Dated From December 27 Last Year Verions From December Are Not Working Now.
Why is this happening now ?

Licensing questions like this are best addressed directly by opening a Support case:

Have Still waiting :slight_smile:

No response from them I purchased A upgrade in December to BCC They Backdated It To April Why Was This Done.My Invoice Clearly Shows December.

My Serial Number For BCC Cintinunom is Not even in My account.

Hi James,

Just circling back with you on this … did support manage to sort out the issue that was affecting your license?


Not yet .Still Waiting to hear Back From then .2019 is the only one that is working now.

Will the Next Apple OS affect your products Any ?

Fixed Thx

We currently have the new Mac OS in our QA labs - I have not been made aware of any issues but should anything crop up in our testing I’m sure we’ll manage to implement a fix in short order.

Glad to hear that support were able to resolve that issue for you.