Licences For Mocha 2019

If You Have Purchases Mocha Pro With in a Year Of Mocha 2019, Do you Place an Order For Upgrade to Mocha 2019 in the web To get your free Upgrade ? If You Log in And Do so it treated your upgrade as if you are out iide the Support of 1 yesr and Shows up as 395 Cost Or is the Upgrade handelled other wise?

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Customers who purchased either Mocha Pro v5 or Mocha VR within the last year, qualify for a free update to Mocha Pro 2019. If you qualify for an upgrade but have not received your email, you can contact support to speed up your inquiry.

Customers who purchased Mocha Pro v5 or Mocha VR before October 1, 2017 can upgrade to Mocha Pro 2019 with affordable options. Upgrade Now

For any further questions about discounts or promotions, please contact the sales team here: Boris FX | Contact Us

I Have They Say 24-48 Hours. Will I get mine With in The Time Said ?

If you do not get it in that timeframe, contact support .

They seen just close the the case ,When i called them the advertizizement said september for available.Than they said ib the phone oficaly monday October 1 ,I check on the site to download it and activate it and it was not there so mondat i call they say tuesday the demo seems nice but getting tired of the water mark. orders and upgrades on the web have faster responce for serial numbers than those provided by support under the 1 year up upgrades it seems it might be fesable to have a special licence for the remainder of the 1 year for upgrades not a extension 1 year again but the difference or a discount coupon to upgrade for the remainder of the year. :slight_smile:

Are you saying your case got closed without answering your questions? What email did you put it under or what is your case number? I will reopen it and add a note.

Yes,My account has A Seperate Order of BCC VR Unit from you are you saying that my Mocha 2019 also BCC VR as well? If so I am missing the Serial from that one?If people have a valid Version if a plugin current with 1 year of your realease of the plugin does it qualify for the 1 yr support and upgrades I can not find in it in your terms and conditions bundled plugins are excluded. can you show me ware ?

Do you want a receipt showing when i purchased my Vegas 16?

I will be checking back before close today your time today .I have two account names one under my collage one under my email. My college has serial number for full products that was the only was to fin the problem with the BCC installer.

I got in touch was given the impression would have the serial today am i write I spoke to Erick was todat right or saturday or was it monday?
I now saving to get BCC complete than plan to save to renew.

I have serial Numbers that Qualify the New 2019 Products.Support Told me 24-28 HRS it is now past that.Is there some thing that Preventing me from get my new Serial number for Mocha 2019? An am I going to have the same Problem When My BCC and Sapphire Products are Upgraded ?

Im in the same boat… need NEW keys ASAP for work tomorrow - thought the old one would work :frowning: …wish there was an email comms about this…

Ive logged call already 00137036 waiting for email… :stuck_out_tongue:

BorisFX is Closed Today so i guess I will Have wait till Tuesday before any response from them.
I am wondering now can BorisFX can give an accurate people time when they get their licences.

Hi guys, yes, Boris FX was closed for a public holiday yesterday. And Boris FX is always closed over the weekend. You should be getting keys soon.

I opened a ticket on the 3rd and still haven’t heard anything other than the auto-email saying my case was submitted. Seems like something isn’t quite working right with the license process.

I am looking into it with support.

Finaly Got Me Lieence from Permantant one.

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Great, I am glad to hear that.

Hi Mary,
I’ve bought mocha pro plugin for adobe the 29th of November 2017
but I didn’t receive any update news. And if I try to update using my serial it seems I have to pay 295$.
Please can you let me know what is the best way to proceed?
I’ve already filled the form on the link you provided.
I look forward to hearing from you,