020-07-07 20:58:43 BCC VGS NOTICE: expiration: 18-mar-2021
2020-07-07 20:58:43 BCC VGS NOTICE: subscription: false
2020-07-07 20:58:43 BCC VGS NOTICE: Check for subscription updates - force: 0 i trown 11 i trown 1.To normalne?

It is normal that the license tool checks for subscription license updates once per day. This happens even if you are not currently using a subscription license since it is attempting to make sure that all licenses on the machine are updated. This is a normal part of the subscription license handling for BorisFX products. But it should not be causing you any problems or interfering in your usage in any way. Is this causing you a problem or are you just seeing it in the log and wondering if it is normal? The subscription license update check should generally happen silently in the background and should only display a message to you in the application if it detects a specific problem with updating a subscription license.

The problems are over. I uninstalled everything I could and some file marked “P” in the taskbar and updated the nvidia / pi / drivers. I installed the continuum and it’s okay. But I was worried about “false” entries and unlicenced entry in Application manager. Sometimes I get 11 or 1 errors in logs but everything works. I use programs on one computer and I do not intend to change it. Thank you very much for your help. I learn from your site where everything translated into Polish. It’s a big plus for me … Regards and thank you again

I’m glad to hear this is working for you! Let us know if you have any further problems.