License activation for a "dual boot" system?

Is it possible to get Mocha Pro’s license activation to work on a Mac system on which I have two separate boot partitions–one for Catalina and one for Mojave–without having to constantly deactivate the license in one partition in order for it to be able to activate it when I’m booted into the other partition?

I frequently need to boot into Mojave as I’m working on a feature film project that was started on Resolve 16 on the Mojave partition, but then I’ll need to quickly switch back to the Catalina partition for other projects, often in the same day.

It’s very cumbersome to have to reboot back into the other partition just to deactivate the Mocha Pro license, then reboot again to reactivate it in the other partition.

The two partitions/APFS volumes are on the same physical SSD, so the only difference that should be noticeable to the licensing tool is that the macOS version is different.

Hi there, this is an edge case we can’t answer on the forums. Please contact sales and support and see what can be done for you.