License activation

Would be great if Boris could allow two activations per license as many folks use both desktop and laptops remotely. I understand you can deactivate on the primary device, but most providers such as Adobe allow 2 devices per license


Yes please. I hope they do this. Every other plug in I own, as well as my photoshop subscription, allows this. Every single one. I am happy to pay fees to own/use/subscribe to software, but having to go through deactivation is a major pain. If I could just register my desktop and laptop and be done, and then deactivate any machine when it gets replaced, I would be a much happier camper.

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Boris FX has a long standing policy of allowing one activation per license and the software can be quickly deactivated from one machine and activated on another. However, I realize this can be cumbersome if you are frequently switching machines. Licensing policies are frequently re-evaluated and we will consider your comments. Thanks for your input.

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Thanks Marco, the industry standard is 2 per license and I hope Boris, if it wants to be seen as an industry leader, would conform to the accepted and expected platform norms in the industry

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@sales1 If you would like help with your issue, you will need to provide more information.
What exactly is happening or not happening?
What are the specifications of your machine in terms if processor and graphics card?
What OS/version are you running?

does not seem the application manager works for this and I cannot do it either from my account or the software itself!!

Hi Steve,

Can you open a ticket through this link? I’ll need to get some licensing info from you.


No worries – I eventually found it in the software itself

This is really absurd. I am having the same issue now. Wanted to install it on my laptop as I am going on travel and I am not allowed. Crazy and prehistoric. I hope they reconsider because our time is valuable too and dont like to playing games with software companies. I pay to use a product be it at home or on the move. And Boris should make this process easy not frustrating like now. Hope they reconsider because this is NOT at all customer friendly.

@mastix You can install the software on as many machines as you want, but can only activate one at a time. You can quickly and easily deactivate the machine it is currently activated on by selecting Help > License > Deactivate. Then, you can activate on another machine.

We are aware that some companies allow two activations per license and we are actively reviewing the policy. However, a one size fits all approach is not appropriate for all customers. We have corporate users with a large amount of workstations that are used simultaneously and in an enterprise situation like this, it does not make sense from a business perspective to provide 2 activations per license.

Hey Optics users,
Please note that last year when Covid hit, Boris FX did create a backdoor way for customers to reset their license activation. For example, if you are traveling and forgot to deactivate your license, you can use this process.

  • Go to your Boris FX Account page.
  • Under the Licenses tab, select Reset License.
  • Now you can activate on a different computer.

Please note: This is intended for emergency situations to help customers that are unable to work. Accounts have a “very limited amount of resets” and license abuse is actively monitored. Hope this helps. -Ross