License Failed to Activate


I bought Mocha Pro AE plugin license day before yesterday. Installed it fine and licensed it fine also.
But, I wanted to test the GPU functionality and whilst doing that I crashed my Macbook. Hence I had to restore it using Timemachine to a date before Mocha pro was installed. After my restoration, I cant get the license to activate. Its failing. I tried it on my MacPro and its failing there too.
I emailed 3 times so far and I thought maybe thanksgiving day off. I am from the UK, It makes no difference to me. But, I see you have responded to someone here yesterday and I was pretty disappointed that I didnt get a response via email.
Can you please help me?

Hi Krishna,

I can’t see a record of your email in our support system, but i’ll happily reset the license for you.

Please try activating again.

I’m curious that your email did not reach us however. Did you use the same email as the one you bought the software with?


Hi Martin,

Thanks for the update. Yes you are correct. I did email you from a different account.

It’s working now.

I do have one further question if you dont mind me asking.
I have an Macbook Pro with NvidiaGT750M installed and my CPU performance is way better than GPU. Is this becuase you dont support CUDA and its only OpenCL??